Themes: Education/Youth/Outreach, Celebration Days
Big Idea: Annual Binational Great Lakes Day

This idea involves the creation of an annual Binational Great Lakes Celebration Day, whereby all U.S. states and Canadian provinces work together to engage their communities on multiple aspects of celebrating the Great Lakes.
The following networks were identified for this idea:

  • Federal, provincial, state, municipal governments
  • Binational non-government organizations
  • Youth and youth-serving organizations
  • Academia, education and school boards
  • Trail associations
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Museums and science centers
  • Lake partnerships
  • Educators
  • Great Lakes Commission
  • Naturalist clubs

Planning an annual Binational Great Lakes Day begins with passing state and provincial motions to determine and designate a coordinated event date. The next steps include obtaining buy-in from interested organizations and gaining their commitment. A longer term strategy includes the designation of the Great Lakes shoreline as a biosphere.

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