Great Lakes Ambassadors 2018-2019

Introducing, Greatness Great Lakes Ambassadors
Ryan Osman & Francis Lozada

Our Great Lakes don’t have an off season—from sunset kayaking exploring the shoreline, to surfing those unpredictable blustery winter waves—the grandeur of our great waters is a call to uncover its beauty and magnificence at every opportunity.

We have tasked Ryan Osman—Great Lakes surf photographer and graduate of Water Resources Engineering in Hydrogeology—and Francis Lozada, engineering graduate from Western University—to document hidden gems and the richness of our Great Lakes.

“Having studied hydrogeology and being a Great Lakes surf photographer, I want to explore all the undiscovered gems of the Great Lakes and help protect them.”

Ryan Osman Greatness Great Lakes Project Summer Ambassador 2018
Ryan Osman Greatness Great Lakes Project Summer Ambassador 2018

"Growing up on the shores of Lake Huron, I've developed an appreciation for the Great Lakes as I see its beauty from season to season. I hope to continue to explore the Great Lakes through recreation while learning how to protect this valuable resource."


Greatness – The Great Lakes Project Ambassadors
Ryan Osman Photography

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About Ryan Osman

Ryan Osman. Great Lakes surf photographer and graduate of Water Resources Engineering in Hydrogeology Master’s program, University of Guelph.

Ryan was born in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Growing up, many family trips were taken for hiking and days spent at beaches, and a life-long love of the ocean was established. Over time Ryan realized he enjoyed being behind the camera more than in front of it, becoming the family photographer.

It was in 2011 that he moved to Canada to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering. During spare time, his passion grew for photography and in 2014, he submitted a photo to the University’s undergraduate visual and literary journal the “Kaleidoscope” and made the cover.

In 2015, while studying for his Master’s at the University of Guelph he travelled to the East coast of Canada. While surfing, he injured his knee and found himself on the shore more than in the waves yet also spent his time photographing other surfers. He was hooked on photography as he found something so captivating about surf photography - being able to capture shots of people who are so “in-tune” with nature, and experiencing the power of the water. Once back in Ontario, a fellow surfer introduced him to surfing the Great Lakes, and showed Ryan some sweet spots not far from home. Before moving to Canada, he was completely unaware of the Great Lakes, and like many, had no idea people surfed there. It was a pleasantly surprised and now surfs “The Greats” Lakes on a regular basis, while also becoming the main focus of his photography.

About Francis Lozada

Francis Lozada is an engineering graduate from Western University. Based out of Kincardine, Ontario, Francis loves to create stunning visuals of his surroundings and hopes to showcase the beauty of the Great Lakes through photography, art, and sport. After getting his first taste of surfing in Cape Town, Francis has turned to the Great Lakes as his latest surfing destination.

Francis Lozada Photography

Instagram: @francis.lozada

Greatness – The Great Lakes Project Ambassadors

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