Community Flow

ARTISTS: Pixels and Plans

COMMUNITY FLOW is a digital online art piece created by Pixels and Plans. The work showcases the individual contributions and final creations of eight participatory art projects from the Great Art for Great Lakes initiative. An interactive equirectangular map of the great lakes displays the final work of each community while individual art pieces journey along shipping lanes from one community to another, occasionally leaving the great lakes via the Saint Lawrence or Chicago River. When a community is selected, the individual contributions cluster around the final piece for that community. In this way, the viewer can explore individual contributions, the relation these have to their final piece, as well as explore how the final pieces are related to each other.

COMMUNITY FLOW is about open dialogue between the inhabitants of the great lakes water basin, home to over 33 million people. Individual contributions from each community travel to the others in a constant flow, sometimes leaving to explore the world. Travelling by water has long been an efficient means to deliver goods and messages to waterfront settlements, and are a natural means for each community to deliver a contribution. Flowing and winding effortlessly along these established routes, each contribution brings together the experiences and creations of all eight communities across the vastness of the great lakes and beyond.


Pixels and Plans is a creative technology art studio founded by long-time collaborators Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley. They are data artists that use statistical analysis and creative coding to develop projects built on data. Their work is digital and often interactive, and aims to discover and share the underlying connections hidden within complicated datasets. Pixels and Plans aims to bridge the inaccessibility gap between science and the public by harnessing the power of creativity.


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