Mi Lake


My work draws greatly on vintage and antique ephemera – physical reminders of the past that I reconstitute into sculpture or composed images. I work often with vintage slides, mostly family slides that have been handed down to me. The act of sifting through images and feeling that personal connection to the people displayed within them are my favourite (and I believe most important parts) of my process. My goal is to breathe new life into those memories; to take objects and images that have long been put away in boxes and weave them together to create something new.   Artist Bio

Small Arms Inspection Building 1352 Lakeshore Blvd.

Mi Lake is a lasting mosaic is comprised of sea glass fragments that contain community submitted images intertwined with archival photographs. The artist conceptually asks each community member and viewer to form a relationship with the piece as it captures their Lake memories – each singular piece of glass acting as a tiny time capsule.

The translucency of the glass artifacts themselves allows for ever changing hues and tones based on the light as it reflects and backlights the displays. The dense content within the column beckons the viewer to come close to browse the images. For those in the community who submitted content, it allows them to explore, in search of their own personal artifact.



Occupied by an alliance of Iroquois-speaking people in the 1600’s, MISSISSAUGA is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario. “Mississauga” in Ojibwa translates as meaning “River of the North of Many Mouths.”

Home to Canada’s first airport, and now home to Canada’s busiest airport, Mississauga is the sixth-most populous municipality in the country. The shoreline area is home to 8 environmentally significant features, a designation that implies these are areas of exceptional natural and/or geologic significance.

Did you that multiple stakeholders are currently coming together to develop what once was an inaccessible industrial waterfront into the Lakeview project? This project looks to create a new vibrant mixed use community hub along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario has a natural rhythmic motion that repeats every 11 minutes, known as a seiche.