The Ripple Project


I celebrate the mystery of water in my work, how it nourishes and inspires, calms, renews and refreshes us, flows in the undercurrents of our beings, sustains our world. My most recent body of work WATER Shadows is an installation of sound sculptures that features field recordings of watery places in the South Georgian Bay area. The unique steel sculptures are wrapped and woven out of old bicycle inner tubes, collected locally. For Great Art for Great Lakes I offer an installation of WATER Columns, laser-cut steel sculptures lit from within with watery blue light. Artist Bio

Grey County Municipal Offices, Owen Sound


Owen Sound

Home to the Ojibwe people, OWEN SOUND is located at the mouths of the Pottawatomi and Sydenham Rivers on an inlet of Georgian Bay, a rather large part of Lake Huron.

Owen Sound played a major role in the development of Ontario thanks to its location on Georgian Bay and its marine and rail industries. It is now a part of the Grey Sauble Source Protection Area designated to protect the surface water and groundwater sources of drinking water for the region.

Did you know that  Georgian Bay, with its more than 1,240 miles of grayish-pink granite shoreline, is part of a UNESCO biosphere reserve?

The Bay is known for its smooth rock, weathered pines, and cool clear waters.