Deep Blue


DEEP BLUE, a participatory, community-based art project proposed by Labspace Studio in collaboration with Daniel Ranger, a junior ambassador for the Great Lakes Trust, was the winning submission for Toronto. The collaborative art installation celebrates the beauty, ecology and majestic depths of Lake Ontario. Community members will be invited to contribute to the installation by creating origami shapes that depict various Lake Ontario species. When complete, the installation will go on permanent display in the Living Earth exhibit hall.    Artist Bio

at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto



TORONTO, traditional territory of the Anishnabe, is the most populous city in Canada and is on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario.

Home to a vibrant ecosystem, Toronto’s Remedial Action Plan has ongoing successes from the 1990s  to present. Creation and restoration of habitats along the waterfront have increased diversity of fish and wildlife, as well 8 of Toronto’s beaches are now Blue Flag (a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education that a beach meets its stringent standards).

Did you know Toronto is home to one of the longest urban lakefronts in the world? The 46km shoreline features soft sand beaches, artists markets, concert venues, and even an extreme BMX park.

Lake Ontario’s name comes from the Iroquoian language and means “lake of shining waters.”