Community Flow

ARTISTS: Pixels and Plans

COMMUNITY FLOW is an interactive digital artwork created by Pixels and Plans. The work showcases eight participatory art projects that were created as part of the Great Art for Great Lakes initiative. These year-long projects, which were led by professional artists, were also created with contributions from community members. Community Flow showcases the final artworks and highlights the individual contributions made by community participants. It also draws attention to the vastness of the Great Lakes region and to the geographic locations of the artworks. As a digital artwork, Community Flow enables viewers to chart their own journeys as they explore both the art projects and the Great Lakes region. The moving dots which make their way up and down the map further highlight the shipping lanes used to transport goods between communities on the Great Lakes. Occasionally, these dots disappear from the map representing journeys east along the St. Lawrence River, or west along the Chicago River, to destinations beyond.

Pixels and Plans

Pixels and Plans is a creative technology studio founded by long-time collaborators Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley. They use data and creative coding to develop innovative products by incorporating art, science and design into their methods. Their work is digital and often interactive, aiming to share the underlying connections hidden within datasets. Pixels and Plans bridge the gap between inaccessible knowledge and the public by harnessing the powers of technology and imagination.