Stories of the Lake


For this project, Julieanne looks forward to working with the local community to create meaningful artwork that will share history, build connections and tell a story; the story that the lake has to share. This collaborative work will celebrate the small truths and hidden miracles of our northern environment — it’s history, people, and landscape.    Artist Bio

at Providence Bay Village Square Park, Manitoulin

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Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island

MANITOULIN ISLAND is on Lake Huron, the largest freshwater lake island in the world, and has six First Nations Territories: Zhiibaahaasing First Nation, Sheshegwaning First Nation, M’Chigeeng First Nation, Aundeck Omni Kaning, Sheguiandah First Nation, and the Wikwemikong.

As an island, the profound connection to Lake Huron is experienced in the deepest sense, where “time and water flow gently together.” A renowned sailing destination, coastal hiking, and fishing haven, Manitoulin Island is a place of many stories.

Did you know that Manitoulin Island is home to 108 lakes, including Lake Manitou the world’s largest lake within a freshwater island. Numerous small settlements, First Nations, and the towns of this island have learned to coexist within the 160 kilometers of boreal forest, lakes, rivers and shorelines that make up the island.

Province Bay Great Art for Great Lakes